Day in News

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Day in News

Day in News aggregates the top stories from popular media platforms across the political spectrum. The goal is to provide a balanced view of the news, and to help readers understand the different American perspectives on the same story -- right or wrong. No one will find all the news here politically correct, but whether you like your news Woke or anti-Woke, you will be able to take a more informed position on the issues of the day.

Which media platforms are represented?

A diverse set of media platforms are represented, including: Fox News, New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, and Washingoton Examiner.

How are the stories selected?

The stories are selected by sorting the headlines on the front pages of the media platforms by topic. Then an algorithm is applied to select the "main" headline for each topic as well as several alternative headlines. We strive for the "main" headline to be a more middle-of-the road persepctive on the topic and for the alternative headlines to represent a more comprehensive diet of perspectives.

How often is the news updated?

The top headlines are retrieved every morning at 7am ET and compiled and published at 7:15am ET.